Tuesday 26 April 2011

Using Recycle Files (REX) With Logic Express

This week I made the leap from using Cubase 5 on Win32 to Logic Express on OS X. I don't get as much recording done lately as I would like, so thought I would try Logic Express first before committing to the more expensive Logic Pro.

One of the problems I found was that Logic Express was not recognising my REX files and prompting me to install a REX Shared Library from Propellerheads.se. Searching the Propellerheads site didn't seem to turn up the results until I eventually I spotted this link hidden away in the last column of the footer of the Downloads page.


There are a few versions there so I downloaded this one as it matched my setup

REX Shared Library 1.7 - Universal Binary
For owners of Logic 9.1.2 and later

The install all appeared to work properly but Logic Express was still reporting the same error.
I tried restarting Logic Express, but the error persisted.
I tried restarting my machine, but the error persisted.
I tried reinstalling and carefully read every screen - nothing was wrong there.

I started searching various forums and found there were confusing opinions about the probable cause, most of them quite out of date and that there were multiple possible install paths.

After much reading I found that the files had been installed to /Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/REX but the red icon on the folder in Finder told me that I did not have permission to access that folder. It seems that the installer has an issue setting permissions.

I opened a Terminal window, navigated to that folder and entered this command: sudo chmod REX 777 to set the permissions wide open.

After that Logic Express was able to process REX files properly.