Wednesday 1 September 2010

IE8 Ajax Caching/Session Issue

Today I spent a bit of time trying to track down an ajax problem the was only occuring in IE8.

The ajax funcionality was calling a static URL which returned a JSON result containing the html to display login buttons depending on the user's state. The call was made via jQuery.getJSON(), which is wrapper function for .ajax() and .parseJSON()

The problem was that IE8 was exhibiting fairly unpredictable behaviour, sometimes it seemed that call was not firing, other times it appeared to return the opposite result I was expecting.

Initially it looked like IE8 was not passing the user's session. A quick Google search returned a number of threads where developers had assumed this to be the case, but there were very few constructive suggestions in addressing the issue. Eventually I spotted something where the true issue had been identified as IE8 caching the ajax response.

I added a cache-busting parameter to my ajax URL using the following javascript and voila, everything starting working as expected.


Hopefully this short post will save you some IE8 related head-scratching.


  1. or this at the top fixed for me:

    cache: false

    as per