Thursday 31 March 2011

WordPress Post ID from Permalink

Lately I've been migrating a few websites from Movable Type to WordPress. One of the SEO issues involved with that is supporting the old site's URLs so that existing page rankings don't drop off en masse.

A common Movable Type URL format appends the entry id to the URL which makes it easy to redirect to the correct content IF you have preserved the entry id from MT as the new post id in WP, other times it can be a lot more convoluted.

One of the functions I sometimes need to employ is pretty uncommon, (which is not surprising due it's rare use), so I thought I'd create a quick post here so I can can easily find it next time I need it.

The function is url_to_postid()

This function returns the id for a post or page from a given URL. I like to this of this function as the reverse of the commonly used get_permalink().

It's pretty hard to turn up any useful search results for this function so hopefully this page will help somebody when they need it.

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